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VISA Applications

Australian Visas
All visitors to Australia must have a valid passport and visa to travel to and enter the country (New Zealand passport holders and permanent residents of Norfolk Island may be subject to visa exceptions upon arrival). For more information, please visit

Visitors travelling to Australia for business purposes, such as a Conference or Seminar, are required to apply for a business visa; please visit for more information. This application must be submitted as early as possible (at least two months prior to your intended travel date, and four months prior to your intended travel date for people with character or health concerns) to ensure that all details are confirmed prior to your departure. Please refer to the Business Events Information Fact Sheet and the Visa Application Requirements Fact Sheet for more information.

Please note, the type of passport which you hold will determine whether you can apply online, or if you need to lodge a paper-based application. In order to apply online, the passport holder must be from an eVisitor eligible country. Please refer to for further information regarding eVisitor eligibility. Eligible passport holders also qualify for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). You can apply for an ETA online at, or have one arranged for you through a travel agent, airline office, specialist service provider or overseas Australian visa office. Further information on ETAs can be found at

People intending to travel to Australia for a short business visit, such as a conference, negotiation, or meeting, but who are not intending to work in Australia, can apply for the Business Visitor stream of the Visitor visa (subclass 600). Information relating to this visa can be found at Please note that a base application charge for this visa can range from $AUD135 to $AUD340.

For further information on the International Event Coordinator Network (IECN), please visit

Confirmation of paid registration, which will be emailed to you after you complete the registration process, is your visa application letter.

Health and character requirements
All visa applicants will be required to meet certain character and health requirements as part of their visa application process. These requirements exist to uphold the safety and security of the Australian community. Further information on health and character requirements is available at